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Bringing Home The Great Taste Of Real Fruit

Indian Summer®

Cherry Central’s Indian Summer® retail brand offers a long tradition of providing health-conscious consumers like you with premium-quality, fresh-tasting 100% juices, ciders and applesauces. 

We take U.S. apples, cherries and farm fruits hand selected by our growers and turn them into the very best-tasting family of fruit products, made with 100% real fruit juice preferred by industry nutritionists.

Apple lovers enjoy the bright flavor of our 100% apple juice, apple cider and applesauce. For foodies, we blend fresh-pressed apple juice or cider with 100% fruit juices for extra zest, and combine our old-fashioned applesauce with whole or chunky fruits and berries. Grandma’s recipe never tasted like this.  

Tired of raisins?

Traverse Bay Fruit Co.

Our popular Traverse Bay Fruit Co.® brand of dried cherries, blueberries, cranberries and berry-cherry blends will satisfy your craving for healthy yet delicious snacks. Sprinkle dried fruits on salads and toppings or in your favorite baked goods for bite-sized bursts of flavor and nutrition.

Click on Indian Summer or Traverse Bay Fruit Co. for our selection of products or to place an order for dried fruit through Cherry Central’s customer service department.