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Indian Summer® Juices and Applesauces

Apple Cider

Indian Summer® offers premium quality, pasteurized fruit products available all year.

Hungry for the taste of naturally delicious, nutritious U.S. apples? Try our:

  • Apple Juice made from fresh U.S. apples, fortified with at least 120% of your daily Vitamin C requirement
  • Apple Cider pressed from fresh U.S apples and free of additives
  • Applesauce made with U.S. apples, available in jars and single-serve sizes
  • Chunky fruit-flavored applesauce made with apples and whole cherries, diced peaches, raspberry and strawberry chunks, and real cinnamon.

Thirsty for healthful tart cherry or pomegranate juice? Look for our:

  • Montmorency Cherry juice made with 100% tart cherries
  • Cherry pomegranate juice containing 70% tart cherry and 30% pomegranate juices with no apple juice or other juice fillers

Looking for our Indian Summer® line of products at your grocer or specialty food market?

Encourage them to carry our recognized brand, and direct them to our web site for more information.